Establish written permission by owner/broker to have vessel surveyed by Bow to Stern Marine Consulting, LLC. See attachment, Permission to Board for sample phrasing


Provide survey itinerary to owner/broker. See below for proposed schedule. Experience shows this itinerary works best, but can be amended as required.


Provide survey expectations to owner/broker. You are paying for professional services, and should expect owner/broker to provide items listen in the Expectations attachment.


Sea Trial Schedule. Sea trials are an important portion of the survey. Ensure the owner/broker has a float plan. An example is attached.


Ensure you have signed the HH agreement and Contract with Bow to Stern Marine Consulting, LLC. Payment is due at time of survey.


Communicate any specific requirements by you; your insurer or lender early to Bow to Stern Marine Consulting, LLC


Follow up with the owner/broker the day before the survey to ensure the vessel is still available for schedule.